Group members


Mani Chandy builds and analyzes systems that sense and respond to changes. He is currently working on systems that sense and respond to: (a) seismic events, (b) threat events such as the introduction of nuclear radiation material, (c) medical events such as fetal distress, and (d) events in the power grid. The systems use sensor networks, cloud computing and event-driven architecture. The theory is based on optimization, control, machine learning and game theory.

John Doyle works on theoretical foundations for complex networks in engineering and biology, unifying controls, computing, communications, and physics, with an emphasis on architecture, dynamics, feedback, layering, tradeoffs, evolvability. Case studies are drawn from throughout technology, including smart grid, plus cell biology, medical physiology, ecology, multiscale physics, and neuroscience.

John Ledyard works in economic and game theory and mechanism design and dynamics. His applied work includes electricity markets and policy (integrating economics and control), management of fisheries (market design for catch share programs), and public management (space exploration).

Steven Low's research is currently directed toward the control and optimization of communication networks and the electricity grid. In the past, he has developed a duality model of network congestion control that helps understand the current internet congestion control algorithms, expose their deficiencies, and design more efficient ones. Currently, he is focusing on developing new algorithms and architectures for handling intermittency in the electricity grid.

Adam Wierman's research interests center around resource allocation and scheduling decisions in computer systems and services. More specifically, his work focuses both on developing analytic techniques in stochastic modeling, queueing theory, scheduling theory, and game theory, and applying these techniques to application domains such as energy-efficient computing, data centers, social networks, and the electricity grid.

Industry Partners

  • Southern California Edison
  • Paul De Martini, Newport Consulting Group

Postdoctoral Fellows


  • James Anderson

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Graduate Students


  • Niangjun Chen
  • Linqi Guo
  • Zachary Lee
  • Chen Liang
  • Yujie Tang
  • Zhaojian Wang (visiting)
  • Pengcheng You (visiting)
  • Fengyu Zhou


Undergraduate Researchers


  • Michael Hirshleifer
  • Eric Yizhen Wang